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‘Confidence isn’t gained by avoiding the hardships or challenges in life, it’s about knowing that you can trust yourself to have the skill and emotional resilience to handle whatever comes your way’

Barb is excited to help adults through transitional periods in their lives. Using natural techniques, she also adopts a holistic approach to her work. These techniques include mindfulness techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting.

‘Self-doubt and indecision can be soul destroying’

You will quickly explore your past, present and any future fears to discover any blocks, indecision and dis-ease that may be in your way and release them. At the same time your true drivers and passions will open up, allowing you to become confident and congruent and at peace with yourself and your direction.
You will learn skills to manage and release stress and anxiety.

Sound too good to be true? To date Barb has worked nationally and internationally with clients to solve thousands of varying problems.

‘The life you have now may be the result of your upbringing and environment, and it is completely your responsibility to turn it into the life that you deserve’. Barb can help you to do this.

About Me
I am an advanced registered practitioner.
I am passionate about helping young adults to understand and resolve their conflicts, doubts and struggles, allowing them to have an honest base on which to build a purposeful and fulfilling life.
I run my own private practice both in room and online.

I have recently had EFT sessions with Barb to work through a traumatic memory. Even though I’m a long-time tapper, I need others to help me work through the “biggies”.
Barb was an amazing practitioner! She asked GREAT questions to help me tune in to the issue at hand, she was thorough and made sure we didn’t miss even a tiny detail. She helped me relate this one memory to other significant events in my life that had created some beliefs for me that were not helpful to carry around as an adult anymore.
Barb handled the sensitive topic with beautiful kindness, sensitivity and professionalism. I LOVED how she was able to “get” me without me having to explain everything in detail. She was right there, with me, all the time, helping me to feel safe and loved. She’s intuitive, gentle, very thorough and made sure I knew what to do after the session to get the most out of our work together.
The memory is now “distant” and I’m taking a beautiful, empowering new learning with me into the future. Barb comes very highly recommended.
Liesel Teversham, UK

I was facing the loss of my dear dog and had difficulty dealing with the well of emotions that I was facing. My emotions were raw and having much effects on the way I was handling my daily duties and interactions with others.
Barbara is professional and amazing. She is empathetic, and able to put me at ease during the sessions. I was feeling that someone was willing to work and facilitate me towards my own healing and growth. My dear dog was almost like a family member, and having to make the choices for him nearer the end of his life was too much for me to bear. Having to deal with them after he was gone make it even harder. Barbara was able to help me deal with the emotions that I was having, and help me gained new insights to the struggles that I had. I was able to work out a grief process which works for me, and construct positive images and memories of my dog. It has been 1.5 months after my dog has passed and I am glad that Barbara was the practitioner which I had worked with. I am now able to move forward in my life more positively and remembering my dear dog in a dear and beautiful way.
Faith, Singapore

Working with Barb has been a transformational experience. She is authentic, intuitive and creates a caring safe space for working in.
I would highly recommend her to anyone considering EFT as a healing modality.
Lesley, New Zealand

Barb helps to identify and remove emotional barriers for/of clients enabling them to move through past challenges. She gently helped me to come to terms with my longstanding grief.
R Mackwood, New Zealand

Barb was awesome to work with. She helped me break things down and think about my situation in smaller bits. She listened to what I had to say and worked at my pace. Even when more things popped up for me, she helped me get through them. She always had suggestions for whatever popped up for me.

Jocelyn, New Zealand

Barbara has a rare ability to walk beside you in a session. I found her to be gentle, caring and loving. If you want to find clarity in your life, then a session with Barbara is the way to go. Thanks Barbara.
E.J. Australia

Barb Starke is an AAMET certified and registered advanced EFT practitioner and a certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner; also trained in Matrix for Past Life Healing.

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